MELTONIC Boost energy gel refill 250g



Boost TONIC'Gel : ideal for an effort

Contributes to energy metabolism and to muscle functions.This energy gel with acacia honey & magnesium is a real energy concentrate, supporting all the athletes ! It is made with organic acacia honey, tonic plants & essential oils. It is also gluten and syrup glucose free. It has a fruity taste thanks to the lemon essential oil. Flexible, useful and ecological stick. Magnesium : essential sport nutriment, helps performance for all endurance sports. This gel with a moderate glycemic index, provides a progressive energy to avoid slow-down during exercise. 20 g of gustatory pleasure for 61.4 Kcal energy only


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Our energy gel is made with :

  • Organic acacia honey: rich in fructose, it helps digestion and contains minerals: iron, phosphorus , calcium, potassium.This treasure of nature brings you gain of strength and energy.
  • Magnesium : contributes to muscle proper functioning, it minimizes perspiration looses.
  • Silica: contributes to tendon resistance and participates to toxin elimination.
  • Red Mandarin essential oil: floral fragrance, it contributes to decrease stress before a start.